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Fanfan Li is an artist early trained in one of the most demanding traditions of the meticulous Chinese painting school, codified during the 12th century under the sung dynasty.

Her paintings are haunted by a unique spirit, and display a languabe which delights both oriental and occidental public. Fanfan Li among the very few belonging to this old tradition who are willing to give a universal range to the symbolic strength of the Chinese art of painting, thus opening it to modernity.

Fanfan Li leads us deep in a world where we start feeling beyond what we can actually see. Artist of an ideal nature always fuelled with a vital energy, she is the ‘ferryman’ who unveils the essence of creation and forces us to think about our own destinies.

This bright and generous nature reminds us of Odilon Redon’s ‘‘Palais du Vrai’’ and there we tramp freely towards the spritual springs of beauty. Fanfan Li shows a tangible faith in a supreme harmonious order which drives together micro and macrocosm ; an unalterable but not motionless order, as it lives and grows from perpetual movement, from changes, from positive interaction beween oposite couples, from the game of full and empty, from the time and space…

Are beauty and sense not in the median vacuum at the heart of this continuous game ? There, where Yin and Yang interlace and encircle each other, there where the Qi comes to life.

Born in Shenyang ( North China ), she studied in Nanjing and Shanghaï. In 1986, she left China for New York, where she lived for 16 years. Since 2002, she lives and works in Paris.
Fanfan Li
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